Victorian Awnings

Traditional Victorian Awnings

Victorian Awnings, also known as Traditional or Box-lot Awnings have been used on British shop fronts and even some private homes since the 1800s, what’s more they are still in great demand today.

The lasting popularity of the Traditional Victorian Awnings can be attributed to their aesthetical charm and highly robust construction, which enables them to withstand higher wind forces than any folding-arm system currently on the market.

The Victorian Awning is the natural choice for buildings of historical significance such as victorian shop-fronts, hotels, restaurants as well as private houses. The victorian awning is also the most appropriate for conservation areas and for those looking to restore buildings to how they used to look.

North West Based Victorian Awning Suppliers

Based in Blackpool, Duckworths have fitted victorian awnings throughout the North West including Preston, Manchester, Liverpool, Southport, Blackburn, Lancashire, Cheshire as well as many other locations throughout the UK.

Duckworth Outdoor Solutions offer service and maintenance for awnings and sun shading systems. A yearly service will not only keep your awning looking in tip top condition, it will extend victorian awnings life expectancy and ensure  safety.

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