Outdoor Solutions Product Range


Commercial Awnings

Our commercial awnings can be used for both practical and aesthetic purposes. Their presence enhances a multitude of shop fronts and graces the most prestigious high streets.


Parasols / Umbrellas

Available in a variety of different shapes and sizes our parasols and umbrellas are designed for commercial use making them extremely durable and robust. Tested up to wind speeds of 50kph they provide ideal coverage for the UK market.



Canopies are great for enhancing the look of shop front windows. Due to canopies visual impact they are usually sign written to promote business.


Bespoke Outdoor Structures

Having built a large range of bespoke outdoor solutions for our customers, Duckworth Outdoor Solutions can develop the most unique and practicle outdoor areas.

Cafe Screens

Terrace Screenings

Our Terrace Screens are ideal for defining outdoor areas and shielding customers from the wind. They have huge visual impact and have the potential to lure customers into your business.

Cafe Barriers

Café Barriers

Our café barriers are completely portable therefore can be taken in and put out in minutes. The cover can be made from acrylic canvas or PVC.


Decking / Flagging

A well designed decked or flagged area/patio can help maximise space and provide a pleasant environment for customers to relax and enjoy the services you have to offer.


Outdoor Heating / Lighting

Our radiant heaters instantly provide comfortable heat as soon as they’re turned on. The result is energy-efficient, effective heat beamed precisely where it is needed.